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To have an aim

To have an aim
Tashi Delek! I’m Pemba, a 3rd year BA student, aspiring to be a Buddhist scholar. Studying in RYI comprises both traditional and academic ways of providing students the scholastic proficiency along with the traditional flavors. So there is a wonderful opportunity to anyone who wants to pursue this career and devote time to Buddhist education. 
Making an aim for life is not a difficult thing to do, however exerting oneself to make it happen is a challenge. Since we are often distracted by various things around us, we tend to procrastinate and unknowingly push our aims away from our reach. In our societies, aims are still shaped in accordance with idealized professions rather than one’s own interest and talent. I changed my aims across times. Because we often create aims on seeing others’ success, just like, “trees are seen greener on other side”. 
The more mature I became, the more I began to realize how essential happiness and peace of mind is. I realized success doesn’t r…

Was the Buddha a God or a Human Being?

Was the Buddha a God or a Human Being?
Growing up in Kathmandu, I usually came across two groups of people who viewed the Buddha differently. One group viewed the Buddha as a God, someone who was able to magically relieve people from their sorrows. The other group saw the Buddha as a mere human being. For the second group, the Buddha was a social reformer who proclaimed ways to achieve harmony and peace in society. This duality made little sense to me and, in fact, I had a hard time understanding if the Buddha they were talking about was the same being. This confusion only got worse as I came across other preconceived notions about Buddhism, some of them were that in order to follow Buddhism you had to become a monk or a nun, that meditation meant following your breath and nothing else, and some even hilarious ones like claiming Buddha to actually be a reincarnation of Vishnu and that Vishnu's main intention to teaching a different stream of religion was to see how committed Hindus…

Full Of

ཁེངས་པ།(Full Of) རྒྱ་མཚོ་ཆེན་པོ་ཆུ་ཡིས་ཁེངས།
The ocean is full of water,
and the compassionate one is full of followers.
The tall mountain is full of snow,
and the one with high view is full of white hair.

The flags on the mountain peak are full of movement,
and the greedy one is full of activities.
The whirling wind is full of force,
and the arrogant one is full of hatred.

The great lake on the mountain is full of ice,  and the lazy one is full of gatherings.
The breeding sheep and yaks are full of fights,  and the lustful one is full of nonsense talk.

The big tree i…