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Shedra Experience

Last semester I took four courses namely: Uttaratantra 202, Buddhist Scripture 204, Buddhist Epistemology 303 and Philosophy 306. I like all the courses which I am attending at the current. Being able to study at RYI let me achieve the fusion of cognition and knowledge. It brings flexibility to deal with people of various countries, family backgrounds, cultures and traditions of different background.
The discourses which I achieved in Shedra encourage me to strive hard for the ultimate happiness. Studying in this program has convinced me that it is the best and the most meaningful work for this life time and the all life times. Being a Tibetan woman I feel that it is very fortunate to be able to study here. Normally Tibetan women put sincere effort in earning samsaric livelihood rather then engaging in shedra study. It is very rare opportunity. I am grateful for this fortunate merit. Apparently these days many people are dying with various conditions. Sometimes they die in an early age…