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A home away from home

It’s been 8 months …..8 months… The first day of orientation in the big classroom was when I saw so many faces. They were going to be a part of my stay here in Kathmandu. And before I realized, we were a big family. It felt like we have been together since forever. The atmosphere and the energy at the shedra and in Boudha was so accommodating.  As days, weeks and months passed, everyone so close to eachother, fighting like kids and taking care of eachother in times of need. Rushing to class and getting other school work completed had to be balanced with this big family. Friends from Kathmandu went out of their way to make students from outside Nepal to feel so welcomed and comfortable.  Welcoming us into their homes with arms wide open, made us feel like we were still at home. They took the effort to be the guide while taking us to see beautiful outskirts of Katmandu. Laughter was and is always a daily dose in our lives. Who said people who study do not have a sense of humour!!!!  Apar…

Why Choose RYI: My Experience at RYI

Sometimes in life you feel like you know something but you fail to express it with a reason when the time comes for you to explain. That happens to me with Buddhism. Being born and raised up in a Buddhist family I used to take certain things for granted but I realized that I do not really know the reason behind them. 
For example: Why are there five colors on prayer flags? What is important about taking refuge? 
Just to mention few. 

My interest in Buddhist teachings arises from when I studied at Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School founded by Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. My interest in Buddhism started to grow bigger and bigger with the pass of time.  However, I wanted to study more and I found RYI to be the best place for me because the answer to my confusion can be solved here. I believe study is very important in order to practice and contemplate Buddha Dharma authentically. 

With the generous and kind help of the Khyentse Foundation and Rangjung Yeshe Institute I got the South A…