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2011 – A Year of Mistakes

Looking back at year 2011 I simply have to admit that it has been a year of mistakes. Some bigger than others, and which have taken longer time to resolve, accept, and make friends with within myself. However, no matter how hard it can be at times to accept one’s failures, looking back at them now thinking: If I had a chance to undo these actions, would I do so? From the perspective of bringing harm to others I definitely feel regret and wish I hadn't done certain things, but from the side of bringing about certain understanding and internal and personal growth I can see how these mistakes have been tremendously helpful in that progress. Reflecting on why we do these things in the first place, it seems to me that the answer is pretty down to earth – because we all want to be happy. We all share this fundamental wish but it seems that we continuously engage in what leads to more suffering. However, in making mistakes and acknowledge these actions as mistakes (and by feeling regret)…

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