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Congratulations to Gerd Klintschar - MA graduate!

Congratulations to Gerd Klintschar, who successfully defended his MA Thesis in May and now also had his final version of the thesis approved!

The dissertation is entitled,'The Arhat Peak and its Position on the Tibetan Madhyamaka Plateau On the Question of Realization of Śrāvakas and Pratyekabuddhas in Tibetan Buddhism.'
The thesis supervisor was Dr. Philippe Turenne and the External Reader was Dr. Douglas S. Duckworth. 
Gerd Klintschar is from Austria and already holds a Doctor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Graz. He joined the Centre for Buddhist Studies in 2008 when he enrolled in the Bachelors program and graduated in 2011 before joining the MA program in Buddhist Studies. Gerd has been working as a teaching assistant for a BA course in his last year of MA studies.
Gerd Klintschar's studies at CBS have been financially supported by a scholarship through the Tsadra Foundation. Currently Gerd studies together with the monks in the monastic Sangye Yeshe …

Attention All New and Returning Students!

A precious opportunity has arisen, thanks to an anonymous donor, for one of you to receive a one-time tuition scholarship for study in RYI’s BA or MA program.  All international students are eligible to apply, both new and returning students.  This scholarship is awarded primarily on the financial need of the applicant.

The successful applicant will prove financial need by submitting the most recent income tax form, filling out a form based on income, writing a short essay detailing why the applicant should receive the award, and submitting three letters of reference in support of the application.  

To review the entire terms of the scholarship, check your email inbox first as we have sent the materials to those of you who will study at RYI this fall semester.  If you have not received an email, or if you have questions, please write to us at

Applications will be accepted starting July 1 until July 30, 2013 with the scholarship awarded by August 10.

Alumni Survey

Dear alumni member,
Warm greetings from Boudhanath wherever you might be!  We hope you are well.  As you may be aware, Rangjung Yeshe Institute is planning to launch an alumni service later this year to help former students and staff stay connected with the Institute and its activities.
In order to plan this service effectively, we have set up a short survey to gauge levels of interest in a range of possible activities.  The survey takes around 3 minutes to complete and can be found at:  surveymonkey
Please do consider taking this survey and helping to shape the future of RYI.
Many thanks and all best wishes,
Rangjung Yeshe Institute