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The spring from where the nectar of Bodhichitta flows

During a short holiday from our studies in Ranjung Yeshe Insitute, I decided to go to a sacred place of Guru Padmasambhava here in Nepal. I have heard about this place from different masters, but never had the opportunity to go.
Tibetans call this sacred spot Chumig Jangchub, ‘The spring of Bodhichitta. In the “Prayer which removes all obstacles from the path”, a terma revealed by Orgyen Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, this place is described in the following way:

“When binding under oath the protector who abides by his vows,
In that immaculate, ravishing, supreme place of power,
On the very border of India and Tibet,
You bestowed your blessing as soon as you came.
On that mountain, fragrant with sweet scented air,
Even in winter lotus flowers blossom,
And a spring with the nectar of Bodhichitta flows…”

Bringing this prayer with me, I went to this place together with a spiritual brother. Arriving there, I heard that there was a yogi that lived in this place since many years. I asked if I could see him…

Nagi Gompa

Every time a semester ends at RYI, I feel especially joyous. One reason is that I have a sense of strength in my abilities to survive one more semester with its exams and to learn many profound key points of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Another reason is that I get to reward myself with some free time to spend either in Nagi Gompa or Asura hermitage. These two holy places have become my prominent get away from hussle-bustle of the city. Having these two getaways has been a key part of my experience in Nepal the last six years.

The first time I came up to Nagi Gompa to attend Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche’s retreat I completely fell in love with the beautiful scenery, warm atmosphere and of course the amazing nuns. Above Nagi Gompa is Shivapuri peak, an important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists, because Kashyapa the previous Buddha visited the high top of the mountain where he cut his hair as a sign of renouncing the worldly life. But also Nagi gompa is saturated with Tulku
Urgyen’s bless…