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From a Wannabe RYI Alumnus - How ‘bout that?!

Where to start?
Why can’t you make a dead man eat? I am not asking a question, definitely not, you are the one who is failing to answer it. Because the consciousness has gone out of it, isn’t it? Yeah.
So much to say. *eating chocolate* The subjective experience of the consciousness has nothing to do with the objective reality of the body. But consciousness is free from any causal transactions of [what to write?] very successful merchant group... or something like that... we have to find a word. Consciousness has nothing to do with donations for earthquake relief. The body is the result of consciousness’ power of manifesting a place where it can stay.
So where is this consciousness going, out fromwhat?
But I wanted to write something more… This explanation? Who cares? Who needs it?

Still the emptiness shies at the one who realizes her essential beauty. Where is beauty? Beyond being moody of being empty? Then, what is beauty? where does it come from? why do we feel it? why do we hear it? why do we smell…

One Traditional Way of Memorizing

Since I started studying buddhist texts in a more thorough and general way I’ve been curious about the traditional methods of learning and pedagogics used by monastics, and the efficacy of them.
Certain practices from a modern outsider’s perspective may seem overly traditional, dated and possibly useless, or at least not the most sensible way of doing things. But I have a strong suspicion that the methods used has stood the test of time because of their efficacy, not in spite of a lack of it, so I’m happy to try them out and investigate how they work for me.
I asked one of the khenpos of Ka-Nying monastery how the monks go about memorizing texts. I got the advice below, and I’ve tried to apply to the best of my ability. And I find that it’s fun and works well.
If you ask around, you may find that different people have different techniques. Some preparationTo be better able to remember a stanza, and the connection between lines and stanzas, first make sure you understand the meaning to …