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Devadatta was tapping his report on the computer, when Mahakashyapa leaned over his cubicle. A half-eaten jam doughnut in one hand, and sugar crumbs all over a grey cardigan. Devadatta shook his head and mumbled, “So where’s mine, Malley?”

“Aaaw. Aahh. It couldn’t wait to be eaten.”

Before Devadatta could reply, his phone rang. “Dave, it’s Nagy. I need you to check out a newbie on the Intertown Express tonight.”

Mahakashyapa was still enjoying his jam doughnut as Devadatta rushed past.
He was looking blankly at the other passengers as the train sped past each stop. Or rather, his eyes were looking but his mind was elsewhere. To his young daughter waiting at home. And to his wife watching the 6:00 news on their kitchen TV. He wondered what’s for dinner tonight. He wondered what he’ll say to them. And he wondered what he’ll do tomorrow – now that the “9-to-5” routine doesn’t apply to him anymore. They have enough savings to live off for the moment, but they’ll have to be careful.

He fe…

Our Third MA Graduate!

Congratulations to Krishna Gopal Singh for successfully defending his
MA thesis on November 5, 2008! Krishna's thesis was entitled: 

"The Mindof Awakening - The Foundation of Mahāyāna Buddhism: An Annotated Translation of the Cittotpāda Chapter of the Bodhisattvabhūmi".