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Studying With Children

Many people might think that studying when one has children is not an easy feat; that it is a life filled with lots of difficulty and stress. Add to that the complication of studying in a third-world country and the challenges that this presents, and it almost seems like an impossible dream. However, for some who have a family and yet wish to continue their studies, Nepal is a dream destination. Life in Nepal can be very relaxing and set a different pace for the family, and with a little bit of planning, bringing one’s family over can be hassle-free.

In many ways, Nepal offers something different that is not always present in other developed countries. The openness of people’s hearts and the way they interact, integrate and care for children in everyday life is very uncomplicated and relaxed. Boudha, in particular, seems like its own little village, with its own customs and rhythm, though it is also not too far from the city. Here, everybody knows each other, which gives one a sense o…