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Lucky Me

“School life is a golden life,” I often used to cherish this quote and feel it is so true until I joined the RYI.

The beautiful environment here, students came from almost every corner of the world, Modern students learning from the traditional teacher and exposure to the daily life of Monks in RYI made me rich as a person. Moreover, studying in RYI proved my presupposed notion of college life as boring life infused with boring lecture to be wrong rather it induced me to think out of the box and have broader approach to life.

First and foremost I feel blessed to be at RYI is that I got precious opportunity to study Buddhism under the constant vigilance of Rinpoches and their priceless guidance which I find very rare and I could never trade it for anything else in life. I feel embraced by Rinpoches’ compassion all the time at RYI.

As a student, I got to learn several things in various topics here such as Himalayan Languages, Buddhist Philosophy and its history. I am provided with one of t…

Much More Than a Mere Academic Environment

Generally speaking, the academic environment is consider to be a place of competition and incentive for inflated egos. A place where the best ones are persons that, as having a superior status in comparison from others, always keep a distance that shows and reinforce he or she superiority. As result, to the so called lower ones there are only the hope to attain the same status, no matter what is necessary to do.

Fortunately, in diametrical opposition, even the formal aspect of an university being sustained in RYI - Rangjung Yeshe Institute, here what we experience is a place where the teachers and colleagues support each other and rejoice for others’ victories and achievements.

A place where the role of the worldly identities are object of contemplation and gentle exercises of transformation and purification. Nothing is discarded, everything is recognized in their wisdom aspect and as skillful means to generate benefit to others. Who is in an incontestable situation of superiority is wh…