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The Lonely Mango
‘How to share a terrace with three dogs, cockroaches, ants and other little critters and experience Boudha with eyes and ear, nose and mind.’

August 2014. Close to Boudha, on a roof, a 5th floor, between monasteries, views, a panoramic view, the Kathmandu valley view. Green hills, grey sky, green-grey, lead-grey, silver-grey, black-grey, dark blue-grey. Light blue holes within the clouds allow a moment to realize infinity. It is the rainy season.

The scent of sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli, cloves and undefined herbs, drifting smoke, deep-fried pastries, vegetable fried rice mixed with the odour of urine and burning trash are passing my sense of smell. Peals of bells, garlings, couch shell trumpets and drumming noises swirl through the air, adding to the chanting of monks and nuns. Birds are screaming, babies crying, dogs barking. One neighbour’s water pipe is running and running and running....The bladder is calling. It’s five o’clock in the morning. 

All around the g…

Great Holiday

Being back in Lhasa for summer holidays after one year’s study outside the country was very different. I worked as tour guide during this summer holiday just as I did before when I was in Tibet. The good thing is that the holiday was very joyful and meaningful. Thinking about what the cause is for that joyful period, I came to realize that it is the dharma classes I am taking at Rangjung Yeshe Institute. Dharma Studies made me look a lot like an authentic Tibetan and made me a busy tour guide this summer.

  Being a tour guide in Tibet requires a lot of experiences and information on Tibetan history, culture, politics, geography, and so on. On top of that, it is never enough to provide the tourists with explanation on Buddhism since Buddhism plays the key role in Tibet and most tourist attractions are monasteries. The explanation within one particular monastery differs from guide to guide. Some focus more on history, some more on culture. However, the ideal service is to focus on the …