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Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen

My alarm rang at 5:30. But I stopped it, and again, I slept because the day was Saturday and I don’t have class at Rangjung Yeshe. After one hour I woke up and had one cup of coffee. That is how I start my day. Then I started reading articles, writing papers and so forth as my exam was scheduled just the following Monday and therefore I had to prepare for it. 
Suddenly I got a call from my friend who stays in swayambhu and he wanted me to join his house to have lunch together, as he had made vegetable momo, which is my favorite dish. I left from my apartment (Boudha) around 11:45 riding my scooter towards Swayambhu. I just crossed the Hyatt gate when I lost my scooters balance. I tried my best to handle it and it worked.  Then in front of me I saw two bikes that had fallen. So I put on my scooter brake when I saw people running out from ten directions. All the buildings were dancing, the vehicles were parking on the middle of the street. I felt like watching the movie called 'T…