My Dream to be a Translator

I learned the Tibetan alphabet years ago but I had never learned the language itself until I came to RYI. What did actually inspire me to follow my dream to be a translator? Seeing many translators translating Rinpoche’s teaching directly from Tibetan to English and other languages. Won’t it be incredible to be able to understand Rinpoche’s precious words without even waiting for translations? Surely it will. Won’t it be even more beneficial if you were able to be a medium through which Rinpoche connects to his upcoming and current students? Definitely it will be! Wow, I dream of this every day. Dream to be a translator so that words of Dharma can be listened to in native language and understood exactly the way Rinpoche wants us to. When I first heard about RYI - co-incidentally via Kyabje Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche- I was so glad to get a chance to study in-depth about Buddhism. On top of that, learning Himalayan language especially Tibetan and Sanskrit grabbed my attention. Hearing that mos…

My Experience at RYI

One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Rangjung Yeshe Institute (RYI). It is indeed a great institute where one can have experience of both academic and traditional teachings from the sophisticated masters. Precious teachings from Lopens and Khenpos help surprisingly to overcome the stresses of our daily lives.

When I first came to this institute, I felt very welcomed. Warm greetings from RYI’s Staff made me feel myself very special! In fact, such warm greetings really motivates student to study sincerely. From the very first orientation, I started experiencing the great quality of education and the excitements that inspired me to make commitment to study further from BA. Moreover, Students are given the great opportunities to do pilgrimages, retreats and practice rituals which have equally importance as with the theoretical and philosophical knowledge. One even becomes blessed already under the guidance and protection of precious Ven. Guru Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. It is so fo…

The Best Food in Nepal

Nepal is nice in many ways but there is one way in which it is more wonderful and nice than many other places in the world and that is when it comes to the momos. All momos are nice, but one kind is superior to pretty much all food in all of Nepal, the buff momo. 
It is the perfection of food, really. It is cheap, fast and available all over Boudha, and elsewhere. In fact, there are so many places that make nice momos that it would be impossible to list them all. It is enough to say that there are big places, small places, ugly places, decent looking places, shady places, hidden places and so forth that are full of spectacular momos, on every street and in every corner.
And there is more than just food and eating to momos! There are so many other benefits also that I have experienced around momos. It is perfect to eat before studying, and also after studying, like a unique fuel for midterms and finals and quizzes. After long empowerments, days, weeks, classes, years I have found that i…

Nepal: A Land of Many Festivals.

Nepal is an old historical country and filled with folk tales. Nepal is defined as the place in which the Lord Buddha was born in two thousand five hundred years ago. Not only is there a long history, but also there are many interesting folk tales in this holy place. Relating to these interesting folk tales, there are many different festivals in Nepal. Therefore, Nepal has become a land of many festivals. As a person who is interested in Nepali folk tales, I would like to share one of these stories with you and hope you will enjoy these interesting festivals when you are visiting this holy place.
There is a magic jacket of Karkotak, the king of serpent, at Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is the oldest city of three old cities in Nepal. Once upon a time, there was an old farmer, who was famous for curing sore eyes. One day, Karkotak took a human form as a young Brahmin, a highest class in Hindu system. He asked the old farmer to come with him, because his wife had very sore eyes and nothing could …

Obstacles on the Path

“It is only natural that various obstacles and hurdles occur in the spreading of the True Dharma’s rule. However, to overcome or ward off these Dharma-opposing elements while remaining true in mind, body and speech is another personal dharma and duty of each of the sanghas.” As various hurdles arise in my path, born from the fruition of the seeds of my own past actions, I find myself taking solace in these words uttered by my Guru.

Three and a half years ago when the bud of the Dharma’s flower began to sprout in my heart, immense motivation arose in me with regard to seeking liberation from the sorrows of the world. But with the passage of time, as the reality of the difficulties of the path began to be more visible, and the need to replace motivation with discipline took form, the various hurdles that had arisen seemed to overcome me, a naïve traveler on the path, and as such the budding flower was prevented from blossoming. Blinded by ever growing despair, unable to scale the tall wa…

The Importance of Tibetan Language to Understand Buddhism

The Tibetan version of Buddhist canon whether sutra or shastra, is treated as the most authentic or significant version for the study and practice of Buddhism in modern days. 
It is undoubtedly as it was given with extraordinary care, consideration and every possible skillful means during the transmission, translation and interpretation from the original sources. 
The Tibetan version of Buddhist canon therefore has the quality to serve for us to comprehend the core message, the message what the Buddhist original canon has to convey and elucidate.  

Therefore, it seems that the study of Tibetan language is crucial to study to understand Buddhism in a far better way.

Evidently, a numbers of Buddhist sutras and shastras have been translated and interpreted into modern languages whereby one can study Buddhism and advance knowledge in it, although a number of significant issues with the translation and interpretation of key terminologies are yet to be solved. 
They have remained vaguely and are…

Healthy Food for Studying Well

Eating healthy food is how we can maintain healthy body and mind. Healthy body and mind are what we need to study well. Studying well without consuming healthy food is unthinkable and implausible in our life.

Indeed, Rangjung Yeshe Institute not only has awesome intensive courses on Buddhist studies for international folks in a spiritual environment, but also has a small wonderful canteen. The canteen serves healthy food for you to be mentally and physically fit to study well at RYI.

There is no need to worry about food items, serving time, and price. The canteen serves vegetarian food with various items that are tasty and healthy. Everyday you have a chance to taste different items of food. Along with various tea and coffee items, the canteen mainly serves breakfast and lunch. Considering the importance of your time, the staff serves foods punctually and respectably. Unlike other places, there is no disappointment regarding food-serving time. When it is lunchtime, it is not you that is…