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Unpretentious advice to new students

As a result of my short but fruitful experience in the first year of the BA program, I thought it could be worthwhile to give some unpretentious advice that might be of benefit for any student of the Shedra; even though they are destined especially to the new comer students. If you are one of these fortunate people, welcome to RYI. I hope these lines are helpful to you.
First of all, don’t lose your heart. Probably you have already heard about the great amount of energy that studying in a reputed place like RYI demands: memorizing scores of words a week, writing multitude of papers, studying complex topics of philosophy, and so on. In first place, you must be confident that such goal is completely attainable for anyone. However, since probably you will need to strive and this endeavour might not be a piece of cake, be ready to push yourself. If you try to do things well, perhaps you will reach the point where you will feel at least slightly overwhelmed by the work you have to do. At th…