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Learning More Than Just Sanskrit

I had the wish to learn Sanskrit since quite a long time. With the help of a generous sponsor and much needed motivation, I was finally able to join Beginning Sanskrit Course during Summer 2016 at RYI.

Fortunately, on the first day of orientation, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche-la invited all the students for a talk and lunch. He gave us motivational speech regarding how fortunate we all are to get this chance to learn Dharma by one way or the other.

I had been learning Tibetan language too. So, at the end of the talk, I gathered the courage to go forth to him and ask for blessings in Tibetan language to complete the course. He was amazed to see me do so and gave me his blessings. I left with the smile on my face and with confidence that I will be able to do the course no matter what obstacles may occur.

So, the classes began. I and my classmates were doing fine. I was happy with how the classes were going on until that one day when suddenly I had to stop going to class at all. With just two week…

The Beginning of the Spring Semester

Now we are at the beginning of the “spring semester” in RYI (Rangjung Yeshe Institute), however in this time is very, very cold in Nepal!!!

Everyone are using all the warm clothes that is possible to protect from the freeze weather, thus we have a huge variety of colorful and creative styles around. Even the nuns and monks display their warm neckerchief and gloves as well different kinds of very warm bonnet, as me they do not have natural protection from the chilliness…

That way, despite of the cold weather everyone is very happy and with warm heart!!!

All the students, teachers, staff and nuns and monks are very glad and rejoicing to see each other after a short vacation of one month.
When we meet each other the curiosity to know what we did during the free time is the first subject of our talking.

Some students went home, what means for some to travel for their countries - what mean all the continents, as our Shedra – university, is an international Shedra. As it was Christmas and wester…

Best of Studying in Nepal

I came to Nepal for the first time in 2013, when I started my studies at RYI. At that time, I was quite overwhelmed by everything, without any knowledge of Buddhism and university studies as I was. 

During that first year, it was difficult for me to have fun while studying. I definitely did not appreciate all the things I learned here, and I was terribly lazy. But now I know better! So, I would like to share a few things that I have learned to appreciate while studying here at RYI.

The first thing is to really appreciate the whole process of studying. Maybe it is only me, but I still feel the same childish excitement when I study Tibetan and realize that I understand what I am reading, even if it´s only a simple sentence. I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I can read and (sometimes) understand Tibetan. Often, when I sit up at night, translating for class, I think about this. It is a very, very nice feeling.

I also like to think about how fortunate I am, we all are, who get to study …

An Ode to a Lost Sailor

Hello how you doin? He asked Gulping on useless space Spinning in circles he stood In his abiding place. And while he stood We began to lose. So, Where do we go now? Asked the little fellow Standing by my knee, Also there were those Who asked how much the fee?
Above all, and below too, this is a mysterious situation, pertaining to the logic which fits in the wave as some distorted colour. But nevertheless, mystery lives 2 floors above masks’ rented “selves and shelves”!! They said the elevator is blocked these days as there is no oil. So we use the stairs, simple. But mystery’s roommate happens to be fear. Someone told me that too, I haven't been up there. She is beautiful though, that I know. Mystery spends much more time with her these days. You know what love could do.
But from love I digress Back to protons and neutrons (The heart of this matter) Back to our sailor whose cosmic ship Took a dip And came up disturbed Asking Who and Why and you want to fly?
Flying is simple when you don't mind …