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Buddha's Words

I try to keep in mind that when the Buddha attained realization he sat in the forest, unwinking and alone, hesitant to explain what he had discovered. And I try to keep in mind that despite his silence, perhaps the Buddha did teach this nectar-like dharma having attained enlightenment, expounding effortlessly the natural of his realization; and his consolation to his disciples at the time of his passing that in the times to come, he would appear as the very words of dharma, in that each letter would be a embodiment of himself, and, also, his warning that if anyone were to see his body or hear his teachings, they would not have truly met him. The dharma is described to be simplicity beyond words and form and a vastness that encompasses it all; a reality and experience far too uncomplicated and far too complex to think of approaching intellectually. Yet, the Buddha did teach his profound realization, and with unworldly compassion and insight he and his disciples joyfully took up the pro…

Behold and See

Wondrous! Wondrous! Wondrous!
Homage to the Lord. Tathagata, who knows all, Tathagata, in an eagle's flight....
            Boudha. A place like Mewlana's slaughterhouse, graced with forgotten whirls of ancient ragas. Its sattvic invitation attracts the purification of blood and flesh. The human race of consequential strategies, traveling through the ganges of life – I have smelled it here.             Feeling it in the bones, the shimmering of the pure, experiencing the flux, out of circumambulations, like ebb and flow, we go -- round and round, hopping like sparrows in between, round and round again, we go on, while getting by, we go on. And Now!
Of our hunger,
here we are,with contempt
towards the food,having forgotten
how to eat,stumbling over one anotherin an illusion of queues!
            (we) Unlike Ananda-- who drove into an equipoise while narrating how Buddha stood in the lap of chaos to beg, like a deep rooted tree wearing robes as bark. The illumin…

Untitled No.1

Being a natural born introvert I find it somewhat difficult to talk about myself, but I gladly take this as an opportunity to exercise some honest introspection and self-inquiry. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself reading this incoherent blabber at present, I pray that it may provide you some brief distraction or entertainment at the least.
My first year at RYI (2014-2015) was, if one is honest; a very difficult and uncomfortable experience. Having spent my entire life in the US nothing could have ever prepared me for this- Nepal is simply another planet. Personally, I find the endeavor of living and studying in Boudha very challenging; however I must admit- this endeavor has now proven to be truly worthwhile and infinity rewarding.
My experience here at RYI has really changed me allot. In merely one year; I can honestly say that I will never be the same person again and I cannot take any of the credit myself. Nepal, replete with all its indescribable beauty and insanity i…

Pharping – The Sacred Site of Asura Cave and Yangleshö

Every year Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche leads several seminars and retreats in Asura Cave monastery in Pharping. Many of us have heard that Asura Cave is a very special, yet we are often a bit unsure what exactly happened there and why it is so special. Thus I wanted to share with you, what I have found out so far. 

Pharping is a small but expanding village about 16 km southwest of Kathmandu, on a hillside above the main valley. Pharping (pronounced "Farping" by the Nepalis) is known to the Tibetans as Yangleshö and also sometimes as Phamting, as some say it is the birthplace of the Phamtingpa, the heart-­‐son of Naropa. Chatral Rinpoche explains that the 'Indian Phamting' (Tib. rgya gar pham thing) derives its name from the presence of the great hood of the Naga king Lhakmachen or Shesha, which marks it as a site of his power. As such, learned masters of the past used to called it Phanathingu (Tib. pha na thinggu), which means 'the nine hoods'. Eventually …