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Immense Gratitude

I first visited Rangjung Yeshe Institute in 2010. Immediately upon witnessing people engage with, practice, and study the dharma in such an intensive way, I felt the wish to be able to do the same. There were obstacles that needed to be overcome in order to make this happen, but by 2013 I made it. And now that I am here, every day I wake up and feel as if I am living in a dream. Every day I feel immense gratitude toward everyone who makes studying here at the shedra possible. 

I think of the Buddha and the lineage masters, and the indescribable good fortune we have of encountering the priceless wisdom of the teachings. I think of the kindness of the guru, whose love and compassion make all things possible. I think of the ordained sangha whose depth of study and practice inspire us. I think of all the westerners who traveled to faraway places and regardless of living situations, language barriers, and other hardships, remained committed to learning challenging foreign languages and deep…