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New MA Graduate!

Congratulations go out to Zachary Beer, from the USA, who on October 7 defended his Master of Art thesis in front of a committee consisting of Dr. Andreas Doctor Ph.D. (University of Calgary) and Dr. David Fiordalis Ph.D. (University of Michigan). Zack's thesis title was: 
'The Science of the Development Stage: A Study and Translation of Shechen Gyaltsab’s General Outline of the Development Stage'
 Many congratulations, Zack!

An Open Mind for the Dharma [A mere reflection]

They say: 
'Mindis like a parachute that works or functions [the best] only when it is fully open.' I started with studying early Buddhist soteriology, but it is my great respect for Buddhist Abhidharma and desire for learning about the function of mind that later directed my study interests towards Abhidharma (pali. Abhidhamma). 

However, I discovered that Master Nagarjuna had something to say which sounded very interesting and profound, and it was this Madhyamaka doctrine, which sounded both interesting and weird at the same time that brought me to Kathmandu. Well, they say we never know how Karma works, and I too think this is my karma to be here in Boudha among many convincing Buddhist practitioners and Masters. If there were no karmic connection at all, I wouldn’t have probably ended up here, as my original plan was to go to Hong Kong University.

I am not one to claim non-sectarianism, but like many non-Mahayanists, at the beginning, I was a bit skeptic about Mahayana Buddhi…